To straighten your teeth we need to move your teeth into a new position and ensure it corresponds with your facial appearance and smile.

We use the digital orthodontic Invisalign system because it’s the best technology. This system lets us simulate the result before we start. Then we can run the simulation program and then deliver accurate results. Invisalign is a less invasive treatment because it is more comfortable in the mouth and presents as clear on the teeth compared to traditional wire braces. It is also convenient because you can take it out when you eat.

We always plan upfront for the final teeth position with you and we aim for harmony with your face and smile. This means we have to consider your facial mid-line, smile curve, smile line and lip support.
We do not just straighten teeth. We specialise in designing smiles that change people’s lives.


We offer a couple of solutions to help our customers whiten and brighten their teeth. Firstly, in our practice we have a state of the art LED light system that whitens the teeth in a 90 min session. During the session, 2~3 applications of whitening product will achieve a result that is up to 7 shades whiter.

Secondly, we offer a take-home teeth whitening system which allows you to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. You need to visit our practice first to get a mould of your mouth and collect it in a couple of days. Then you apply whitening product to the tray at night and use whilst you sleep. Or you can use for 2~3 hours at any time. Note, 4~5 nights or treatments are needed before you will see an improvement in teeth whiteness.

Whitening teeth is an oxidation process that dehydrates the teeth. It may cause some discomfort and sensitivity during and after the treatment for a couple of days until your teeth rehydrates. Over the last 15 years we have tested many products and can reassure you we only use products that deliver great results with minimum discomfort.


Many of our clients like to shape and contour their teeth to ensure uniformity of shape in their smile and presentation. Most people will have teeth that are not straight or slightly crooked and out of alignment with the rest of the teeth (Malocclusion).

We always design with the patient’s smile in mind and we listen to our patients. Then we craft a design plan using our state of the art Digital Smile Design (DSD) system to show the end result before we start. We work with the leaders in this field and we focus on a patient first approach.

The digitally planned design is 3D printed to give patients a live demonstration of their new smile in their mouth. A really helpful approach which is tailored to help them understand the process and how to visualise the end result.