Ask Your Hills District Dentist These Five Questions At Your Next Appointment

For many people, an appointment with the dentist is a ‘have to do’ activity that they’d rather avoid. The averseness to visiting one usually stems from years of misinformation about what it is that dentists do and how they do it. There isn’t always pain and torment waiting for you at your nearest dental practice. However, there is always something to learn from your dentist in Hills District. In this blog, we share some questions to consider asking during your next visit that will go a long way towards reducing your fears.

1- What Dietary Changes Can I Make To Improve The State Of My Teeth?

The types of food and drinks we consume can have either positive or negative consequences on our teeth. Your teeth may be rotting or discoloured because of a poor diet, so check with your dentist about what you should be eating and drinking to keep yours healthy and strong.

2- How Can I Combat Bad Breath From Home?

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, can be a result of lacklustre oral hygiene or health issues. Not only does it hamper confidence, but it can be frustrating and overbearing. Halitosis can be treated in a variety of ways, including frequent brushing, using mouthwash, taking prescribed medication, or changing your diet.

3- Can You Recommend Any Inexpensive Teeth-Whitening Methods?

Different factors contribute to teeth turning yellow or brown. Chat to a dentist about what you can try from home – or in their office – to brighten them up for a more confident smile.

4- Do I Show Any Signs Of Involuntary Teeth Grinding?

Involuntary teeth grinding is one of those things you may be doing while unaware of it. While the reasons vary from person to person, the truth is that it can be a painful and damaging habit and can permanently erode your teeth. If you suspect that you may be grinding your teeth while you sleep, ask your dentist to check for signs that you’re doing it.

5-How Regular Is Regular Enough When It Comes To Visiting The Dentist?

Nobody wants to visit the dentist every day, but a regular check-up is necessary now and then. Chat to your dentist about how often you should schedule appointments so that you can diarise them and get it out of the way.

There’s lots more to learn from your dentist, and you might find that their answers go a long way towards relieving your stress before your next appointment. Book your appointment with our dentist in the Hills District today.