Dental Extras. Use It. Don’t Lose It.

Use it. Dont lose it. Taylor Street Dental

Be a proactive health insurance user!

About 46% of Australians have private health cover – although the media is telling us that number is gradually declining.

IF you are one of that 46% – are you making the most of your health insurance?

Many people who have private health insurance and extras don’t take full advantage of their cover, and that seems like a real waste.

A bit like buying an expensive bike and never riding it.  It is NOT a good deal if you never use it!

In most cases, unused benefits don’t roll over to the following year, so if you don’t use them, they are lost forever.

Check with your health fund to see what dental benefits you have and if they expire on a calendar year basis (Jan to Dec).  Make sure you understand what you are entitled to AND how often.

Dental health benefits  in Australia is typically split across three areas:

  1. Preventative (Checkups, X-Rays, Scale & Cleans),
  2. General (Simple Fillings and Basic Extractions)
  3. Major (Crowns, Root Canals and Complex fillings)

Exactly what is classified as preventative, general or major varies from one health insurance provider to the next. 

So please check your own private health insurance to see what those categories mean for you. And if you’ve already paid for these benefits; absolutely make sure you use them!

Here are four important reminders that Taylor Street Dental promotes:

Don’t procrastinate

Delaying simple treatments when first detected could potentially be more expensive later. Prevent costly and serious treatments by making use of your dental insurance when the problem first pops up.

Prevent, Prevent, Prevent!

Our West Pennant Hills dentist Dr Dylan Lin knows that prevention is the key. Keep your oral health on track. Preventative appointments, including 6-month check-ups and cleans, are typically covered by your insurance.

Understand the Gap

The gap is the difference between the price of a dental treatment and what your insurer will pay. You pay the gap ‘out-of-pocket’. Every insurance policy is different so have a good read of your policy.

Check what you are entitled to!

Do your research when looking for the best Private Health plan to suit you and your family – make decisions based on your own individual or unique circumstances.   

Ask about your annual limits for extras. And think about whether you are paying for extras you will just never use. Think about your age (sometimes extra dental cover is wise as you get older), the state of your dental health, and the overall economics.

Ring your fund. Shop around. Maximise your policy. And if you decide not to take out dental or extras cover, then that is ok too!

At Taylor Street Dental, we are passionate about providing quality dental care that is as affordable and accessible as possible for singles, couples, and families.

Take an hour out of your busy schedule before the end of  EVERY year to use the benefits you are entitled to.  Don’t let the rest of the year slip by without seeing us to maximise your dental benefits!

Remember: You’ve PAID for these benefits. Use them, don’t lose them! Call us on 9873 2777 or book in to see us now.