Dental Implants: The Facts

Dental implant at Taylor Street Dental

Struggling to eat apples or corn on the cob with a missing tooth?  Dental implants may be the perfect option for you.

Dr Dylan at Taylor Street Dental has placed over 2,500 implants in his career.  His unique insight, experience and in-depth understanding of oral surgery and dental implants gives him a leading edge over other general dentists in Sydney, and indeed Australia.

He is passionate about implants and ensures a meticulous outcome for all his patients.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth and have been a successful option for several decades.

A dental implant is a small titanium alloy screw which connects a replacement tooth to the jawbone. Dental implants allow for strong, permanent, natural-looking replacement teeth.

Not only do they offer you the opportunity to improve the aesthetic of your mouth and smile, they also provide a high-quality solution to patients who have lost teeth through a sporting accident, or gum disease, or significant dental decay.

They Look And Feel Like The Real Thing

Dental implants are designed to be as close to natural teeth as possible in structure and appearance. You – or anyone else – won’t be able to tell the difference.

You will be able to speak, smile and eat with confidence.

High Success Rate, Lasting Effect

If you’re tired of having to return to the dentist because of nagging dental issues, implants may be the best option for the long term. The vast majority of implants are successful and give patients decades of quality wear.

Perfect Solution After A Root Canal

With root canal procedures the entire tooth and its roots are removed, leaving a void in your jawbone. Over time these voids degrade the strength of your jaw. With dental implants, the implant fills that void and strengthens the overall structure of your jaw.

Eat Confidently And Without Pain

Anyone who’s ever suffered with brittle teeth, dental sensitivity or a cavity knows how painful and difficult eating and drinking can be. Unlike with dentures, dental implants provide the strength and grip to allow you to bite through and chew anything with confidence and no pain.

Zero Decay Issues

Unlike natural teeth that are subjected to several potential risks of decay, implants are structurally resilient and won’t become brittle or develop cavities over time.

It’s Cost Effective

Considering that dental implants last you a lifetime and won’t require any upkeep by a dental specialist, it’s a great investment that will save you much time, money – and probably pain – in future.

It’s A Fairly Painless Procedure

While the thought of it probably sounds daunting, dental implant procedures are less painful than a tooth extraction. You’ll also heal much quicker and be able to return to normal life in almost no time after the procedure.

The important thing to remember is that replacing a tooth now can prevent further problems down the road. Teeth can shift in the mouth around the lost tooth causing tooth alignment issues and affecting your ability to chew. Not to mention you will avoid the pain and inconvenience of getting food stuck in the gap if you get a dental implant as soon as possible!

Your health insurance may be able to help contribute to the costs, so be sure to check in with them and talk to your dentist about whether dental implants are right for you.

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