Digital Smile Design removes the guesswork

Digital Smile Design Dr Christian Coachman and Dylan Lin

What if you could personally design your own new smile?

At Taylor Street Dental, we’re proud to offer a revolutionary new service called Digital Smile Design, or DSD.

Developed by renowned Brazilian dentist Christian Coachman, DSD is a dental treatment planning tool.  It involves high-tech imaging, along with the latest in three-dimensional modelling, to capture your smile digitally.

We then work with you to design dental solutions to create a bespoke smile designed especially for you.

If you’ve always wanted to change something about your smile, this is the time to do it. With the DSD process, you’re in the driver’s seat, working with us in the design for the best possible result before any actual dental work goes ahead.

The magic thing about DSD is that you can see the results of a procedure before it is performed.

How can DSD fix my smile?

Imagine if you could road-test your dream smile before a single bit of dentistry is carried out.  Sounds good, right?

That is what DSD does – it curates the perfect smile for you and allows you to visualise it before you start any sort of treatment. You codesign your own smile.

DSD is suitable for both minor and major dental work.  It can fix functional issues including:

  • tooth alignment,
  • bite correction,
  • crowded teeth,
  • gaps and,
  • gummy smiles.

It is equally effective with cosmetic problems like discoloured and worn teeth.

Procedures used to achieve your dream smile might include:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Gum contouring
  • Dental implants

Every stage of your dental treatment is planned, so there are no surprises once the work begins.  It really is the latest and greatest in dental technology.

How is Digital Smile Design different from normal dentistry?

  • DSD is a holistic approach to improving your smile.

It uses digital imaging to create an in-depth analysis of your face, and includes the interaction of your face and teeth when you smile and talk.

We scan your whole head – not just your teeth – to come up with the ideal smile that suits your entire face. DSD takes into account your cheeks, gums, lips, eyes and teeth – the whole package.

  • It’s all about the planning

Traditionally, a dentist would cut and prepare teeth first, and then any restorations would be made to fit around the cut.

With DSD, it’s no longer a matter of cut first, fix later.  Because the entire process is mapped out, there is no risk of over or under preparation.

  • DSD removes the guesswork

Changing your smile can be a daunting prospect when you have no idea how it will turn out.

DSD takes the guesswork out of dentistry.  It removes that fear factor by providing a true to life visualisation of your new smile, which you can test out before any work begins.

YOU approve the final design.  That means there can be no opportunity for miscommunication or disappointment.

How does Digital Smile Design work?

DSD is a design process which ultimately ends in the ideal smile being created for you. The process is different for each individual, because no two smiles are ever the same.

DSD involves several stages, from assessment, to design, testing and approval.

Step 1 – We listen.  We will assess your smile and discuss with you what your aims and expectations are – this will involve a video being created to help visualise your whole smile. Things like bite correction, tooth lengthening and whitening will be discussed at this point as you establish what you want to achieve.

Step 2 – We plan.  A team of specialists will examine your DSD and assess your teeth and how their shape will affect your treatment. A comprehensive and holistic treatment plan will be formulated between the team and Dr Lin.

Step 3 – You test. You will be provided with a replica of your new smile which can fit over your existing teeth allowing you to take it for a test-drive.

Step 4 – We treat.  If you are happy with your new smile you will give the go-ahead and work will begin!

Step 5 – You smile.  You can smile with confidence like you mean it!

This process is tailored to each individual patient. Your teeth will be prepared, veneers attached and before you know it your dream smile will be a reality.

 Who can use Digital Smile Design?

It is true that a great smile gives you great confidence!  Wearing a great smile can improve relationships, job prospects, promotions as well as your confidence and general self-esteem.

Digital Smile Design is for anyone who wants to improve their smile.

No two smiles are the same, just as no two people are the same, and DSD is about creating a smile that truly reflects your personality and lets it shine.

If you’ve ever considered enhancing your smile but aren’t sure where to start, DSD could be the perfect way to explore your options.

DSD and Taylor Street Dental

Dr Dylan Lin, owner of Taylor Street Dental is a qualified DSD practitioner and has undergone extensive hands-on training – the most recent residency was in Brazil in August 2019.  Dylan is totally hooked on the brilliance of DSD outcomes for clients.

There are other clinics that proclaim a digital smile design service and use the term DSD. There are also other dentists who use fancy digital equipment and digital programs similar to photoshop to show you a smile simulation.  These other systems are usually ‘dentally oriented’ and do not look at the impact of your smile on the whole face.

At Taylor Street Dental we offer a big point of difference.

We only use the BEST DSD accredited precision technology and equipment. We also look at your entire ‘facial aesthetics’ so that your smile is designed in accordance with your whole face, including important features like your facial midline and your unique smile curve.

Every face is different and every smile is different. Do not be tempted by the quick fix ‘photoshop’ option.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about DSD and how it might help you, give us a call at Taylor Street Dental on 9873 2777, or book in online.