Digital Smile Design ensures patients co-design & can digitally test drive smiles element before treatment commences. GIVING OUR PATIENTS control & peace of mind.

Taylor Street Dental uses the DIGITAL SMILE DESIGN system crafted by Dr Christian Coachman, who is the founder of this state-of-the-art technology that has revolutionised comprehensive dental care worldwide.

We are very proud to be part of this professional and global network where digital technology with dentistry is combined. This enables us to give our patients the opportunity to co-design their new smile, with accuracy and precision.

Digital Smile Design as it is a safe, predictable tool, and invaluable innovation in aesthetic dental treatments.

We work with our patients to tailor the design to their exact needs in respect of shape, smile design and even the whiteness of teeth can be tested and agreed prior to the commencement of any treatments.

This proves to be very helpful and gives patients peace of mind because they have a say and co-design their new smile.

Digital Smile Design uses the latest in dental technology to design and plan the perfect smile for you. Unlike traditional dentistry, with DSD you will know exactly the smile outcome before you begin treatment.

You Smile design treatment and planning includes;

  • Digital photography and 2D Digital Simulations
  • iTero 3D Digital scanning
  • Video to show ‘Smile in Motion’
  • Our 3D digital designs look very natural because they use “natural algorithms” to ensure a natural shape and texture of teeth anatomy.(rather than flat as found in other methods).
  • 3D printed models, shells and guides that create an accurate blueprint for each stage.
  • Our promise the final result of your treatment will be a direct copy of your model design because the DSD system is very accurate.
  • The material we use to make your new teeth or support are strong milled, monolithic ceramic and composite materials that produce the most natural looking finish.

What is the Digital Smile Design (DSD) Process

Digital Smile Design is a process where your dental and facial records are taken and analyzed. It involves digital photography, dynamic video recording and advanced digital analysis of the records to enable the dentist to design and present an acceptable design for action.

Once this data is collected the restorative result of any treatment can be pre-planned and developed into a mock-up so that you can see the results before you commit to any treatment.

A physical representation of the proposed smile design is built over your existing teeth using special dental materials; this requires no tooth preparation. This allows you the opportunity to test drive the proposed smile design before any invasive treatment can begin.

The first step is arranging your consultation with Taylor Street Dental. In the initial consultation, we will carry out the digital analysis of your teeth and capture the relevant digital information to be able to carry out Digital Smile Design. Analysis of your face and smile symmetry using photos, x-rays and videos. This is used to plan and determine your ideal smile with you.

When you return for your second appointment your will “test drive” your new smile. You will try on a mold of your new teeth to find out what your new teeth and smile will look like and feel before any treatment is started. You will be able co-design and advise any alterations required. We will photograph and video you from all angles to make sure the teeth, size, shape and colour match with your facial features in harmony. Creating a smile to match your personality.


Taylor Street dental we use the latest state of the art Digital Smile Design (DSD) technology to help you understand and test drive how your new smile could look.

Then the process takes 3 steps to get the perfect smile you deserve.
Step 1 we straighten using Invisalign.
Step 2 we brighten with professional teeth whitening, and
Step 3 we shape the teeth into ideal shapes to deliver a better oral aesthetic and smile

We design your smile using DSD and then we have a 3D printed model of your new teeth. Then we make a clear index and inject a liquid composite over your teeth that need a better shape to improve the alignment and look of your smile.

At Taylor Street Dental we use the state of the art Digital Smile Design (DSD) technology to help our patients get the smile the confident smile they deserve.

Step 1: Create digital records.
This involves taking a 3D scan, digital photography, and radiographs

Step 2: Virtual planning
This involves the DSD Planning Centre which consists of multidisciplinary

Step 3: Smile Test Drive
Try your new smile before we start!

Step 4: Smile makeover
Injectable composite veneers

Step 5: Enjoy your new smile

DSD Smile Makeover 3 Step Process

Straighten > Brighten > Shape’em

This 3-step process to improve the appearance of your smile and teeth includes;

1. Straighten to overcome crooked teeth
2. Brighten and whiten to improve the visual co appearance
3. Shape’em – Contour and shape the individual teeth and gum for uniformity.

Digital Smile Design is a cutting-edge dental technology that we use at Taylor Street Dental. Whether you have crooked, cracked, discoloured, chipped or misaligned teeth, Digital Smile Design is a very accurate solution to fix and improve your smile.

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