At Taylor Street Dental we always “start with the end in mind”. We have an idea of what the ideal smile design will look like and we move the teeth into an ideal smile position according to your natural facial features and smile curves.

We very closely in consultation with our patients to understand their needs and explain the treatments involved. The Invisalign treatment plans the orthodontic movement of teeth and then a series of clear aligners are applied and slowly move the teeth.

The orthodontic movement of your teeth is planned to ensure the final position is in harmony with your face. This means we take into consideration your facial midline, smile curve, smile line, lip support when we do the planning.

We do not just straighten teeth. Our Invisalign treatment makes the aesthetic part of the treatment less invasive by aligning the teeth into the optimum aesthetic positions and therefore less tooth preparation. This means that you will have lower chance of teeth sensitivity or discomfort after the treatment.

Our Invisalign treatment uses a series of clear aligners to slowly move the teeth over a period of 6-9 months on average to deliver long lasting results. Unlike the other clinics where they only straighten teeth without taking the facial aesthetic into consideration which results in misaligned midline, deviated midline, canted smile curve and other issues.

Please note: This treatment does take between 6~9 months to deliver long lasting results. Please note all these treatment do require life time retention maintain the teeth in their ideal position. We always recommend a zig-zag fixed retainer that allows you to floss and a set of removable clear retainer at night.


Invisalign is a digital orthodontic system which plans the movement of the teeth to ensure that the final position of the teeth is in harmony with the face.

Invisalign is a revolutionary aesthetic dental treatment that uses a series of clear, removable aligners to straighten your teeth without braces.

Invisalign uses clear aligners to gradually and efficiently straighten your teeth without any heavy metal brackets. As they are completely removable, you can also take them out to eat, brush and floss as normal.
It is a far more comfortable and much less intrusive method than traditional orthodontic treatments and it will help you achieve the smile of your dreams without anyone noticing you’re undergoing a dental treatment.

When Invisalign is used in conjunction with Digital Smile Design we can deliver very accurate and predictable design outcomes. It allows patients to visualize the outcome before the commencement of the orthodontic treatment. It is more comfortable, and aesthetically more acceptable. Lots of orthodontic issues can be treated with Invisalign – and all you have to do is wear your aligners!


Invisalign aligners apply consistent, controlled force to individual teeth, gently moving them into their new desired position. Invisalign differs from traditional braces in that it actually controls the amount of force applied to each tooth and this reduces the length of the treatment in comparison with traditional orthodontics.

We take a digital impression of your teeth and create a digital 3D image of your smile. This will help us to determine the precise movements needed to create the best results.

Your custom-made invisible aligners will then be created according to your individual treatment plan. The number of aligners you will need depends on your needs and goals but a full course Invisalign treatment typically takes around 9~12 months.


We want you to have the confidence you need to go forward and achieve a healthy smile that makes you feel great.
That’s why with Digital Smile Design, you can preview what your new future smile could look like before treatment even begins.


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