What causes orthodontic problems?

At ages 6-10, children are getting their first permanent teeth. They can become crowded and the jaws misaligned. Habits such as mouth breathing, incorrect lip, and tongue function are the major causes of poor jaw development and tooth alignment. Braces and extractions do not resolve these problems and are best treated as soon as they are evident. These habits are easier to correct in the growing years.

Myobrace for Kids™

Myobrace for Kids™ is a three-stage appliance system designed specifically to correct poor oral habits while treating upper and lower jaw development problems. It’s most effective after a child’s permanent front teeth have come through and before all the permanent teeth have erupted.

Treatment considerations

For a successful outcome the Myobrace™ appliance must be used daily for 1-2 hours plus overnight while sleeping. Regular monitoring by your dentist or orthodontist is essential for successful treatment and to avoid unwanted treatment complications.

How it works

Myobrace™ corrects the position and function of the tongue, obtains correct nose breathing, and retrains the oral muscles to function correctly. It effectively trains the tongue to position correctly in the upper jaw, retrain oral musculature, and exerts light forces to align the teeth.

Goals of treatment

  • Lips together at all times except when speaking or eating
  • Breathe through the nose
  • No lip activity when swallowing
  • Improved dental alignment
  • Improved facial development