Tackling a toothache at home

Tips to tackle a toothache from Taylor Street Dental

A toothache is likely to affect everyone at some stage in their lives.  Sometimes the pain comes out of nowhere – and it can be in varying degrees, ranging from a dull throb to a sharp and severe stabbing pain.

No matter what level of pain your toothache is causing it can be pretty distressing. And a toothache at night, where it affects your ability to sleep, can be a really REALLY horrible experience.


What can I do at home to help ease the pain?

If you are experiencing severe pain, or any other extreme discomfort or swelling in your mouth, teeth or gums, you should  call us immediately and make an appointment to have it urgently reviewed.

If you’re experiencing toothache that is not extreme, or you can’t get to your dentist immediately, here are a few remedies you can try in order to ease the discomfort at home:

✅ Apply a cold compress (or even a bag of frozen vegies) to the painful area;

✅ Take pain relievers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen to help dull the pain;

✅ When you brush, use a toothpaste specially formulated for sensitive teeth;

✅ Floss thoroughly (this might help to remove any trapped food that might be causing the pain.)

Why is the pain worse at night?

One of the main reasons a toothache often gets worse at night, is due to your blood flow when you lie down.

Lying down horizontally in bed means that all the blood flows towards your head – which causes pressure on the sensitive area where your sore tooth is located. The blood flow is what causes the intense throbbing sensation that keeps you awake.

So if this happens, try to sleep with your head in an elevated position – using pillows to prop your head up so the blood isn’t causing extra pressure on your tooth.

Don’t ignore your symptoms!

Finally, if your toothache lasts more then 1-2 days DO NOT let it go untreated.

A toothache is not a problem you can just ignore or self-medicate. It could be an infection or an abcess or something nasty……or it could be something minor. But don’t take the risk.

The best place to be, if you’re suffering toothache, especially one that doesn’t go away quickly, is in the dental chair.

If you are suffering pain, call us at the clinic on 9873 2777 or book in online.

There is no reason for you, or anyone, to go on suffering any mouth discomfort.