Smile View at Taylor Street Dental

As the world limps on during this pandemic, at Taylor Street Dental we are taking charge of our new normal. We continue to practice super-duper-duper disciplined hygiene and we are moving onwards and upwards.

AND with that in mind, we are VERY excited to announce a fantastic new fun feature we want to brag about.

Invisalign has chosen OUR practice as a trial for SmileView – a brand new app that will give you an image of yourself with perfect teeth, in 60 seconds! Yep, true!

It’s the latest in simulation technology AND it’s soooo simple.

We’d really love love love 🧡 you to try it out for us and give us some feedback.

Here’s how you do it:

STEP 1: scan the QR code above with your phone (or click this link using your phone)

STEP 2: fill in the details

STEP 3: take the selfie

STEP 4: wait 60 seconds and Voila!

Just like magic you will see yourself with a beautiful straight even smile.

It’s a pretty cool process to see this kind of technology in action.

There are no strings attached. If you like what you see, you can make an appointment to discuss the next steps for your very own gorgeous new smile. It’s totally up to you.

Oh, and please feel free to forward this email to a friend who might like to test SmileView out for us.

Take care and keep safe.